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Family Law

The matrimonial relations might be excellent, but sometimes the disputes might arise between the spouses may lead to dispute resolution through the courts or not. Family Law governs the legal relations between spouses, adolescences and parents, adoption of children as well as the dispute among property between spouses before the end of marriage and after. Fotini Y. Hadjioannou Law Office has a vast professional experience in handling family cases.

Furthermore, it is well known that since Cyprus joined the European Union (EU) and after the increase of international movement of people as well as after the free movement of EU citizens within the Europe, there is an increase upon the number of international relationships and families arising from them. Consequently where family breakdowns occur, legal matters arise such as international parental child abduction or overseas divorce. We aim to undertake every type of case that can be very complex and need urgent action to be taken, especially when there is a need to locate a child and ensure they are reunited with their parent. Further disputes between parents also involve applications for residence in respect of children, contact, and alimony as well as specific issues surrounding medical treatment where there is a disagreement between parents.